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I bought this book, “Now Write!” Nonfiction Memoir, Journalism, and Creative Nonfiction Exercises from Today’s Best Writers and Teachers. Edited by Sherry Ellis.

The first exercise is to write about three things that stopped me in my tracks. Then, I am to find out what they have in common and write about that. I like this first entry so I’m posting it. As is. (When I get to the second part of this exercise, maybe I’ll post that, too)

@ Z’s hockey game … J&B are with me – but they are off with their friends. I am alone.
I have a good spot and my new camera.

There’s a man near me – to my right. His presence is heavy.
I catch glimpses of him – sooo not my type. He has about 8 – 10 years on me. (I’m shooting for my age this time around) He’s wearing an ill-fitted white ball cap and a (very dated/80’s) brown leather jacket with too short sleeves. I don’t dare look down to the pants & shoes … I’ll just say he’s no fashionista.

Fantastic eyes
blue – green
sparkly, mischievous … inviting

He smelled like alcohol
He’s married

It could have been serendipity – it wasn’t.
He’s married – he’s funny – he’s charming – he’s inquisitive.
He smelled like alcohol.
He hinted – very subtly alluded, gestured with a look.

I was witty, funny, charming, guarded.

I could have – we could have
if only I would have
he stood by the door – held it open, just slightly, subtly nodding in “that” direction.

I saw it in his eyes first.
The energy. It was a quiet, low-frequency buzzzzz.
When I felt that buzz I looked to see if it was truly there. It was.
It was there in his eyes, that look that said: “let’s”
It was present in his crooked, mischief smirk – an unspoken invitation.

I was tempted.
It felt familiar.
It would have been redundant.

I declined, respectfully.
“Thanks, but no. I’ve been here with ‘you’, before.” Alcohol, married, thrilling, fun – inevitable hurt – guaranteed pain in my heart.

That’s what stopped me in my tracks.

[To sum up this entry, I feel the need to explain further. During the hour or so that we chatted and laughed I learned that we could have gone for drinks, learned things about each other and so forth. I did not mean to imply that we were about to have a go at it in the parking lot. Just to clarify.]


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